The Infants and Toddlers: Video Observation Bank has been designed in close consideration of the Early Childhood Education competencies of CEGEP programs. Those competencies directly addressed include:


0191 To observe the children’s behaviour
0192 To identify a child’s needs with respect to his/her overall development
0194 To establish an affective relationship with children
019A To provide support to a child
019D To design activities promoting overall child development
019E To organize educational activities
019F To lead educational activities
019J To intervene with respect to the behaviour of a child or group of children



More generally, the pedagogical objectives for the project are:


  • Offer students and teachers a bank of naturalistic observations of infants and toddlers that illustrate important principles of child development *
  • Provide students with material they can use to hone their observing, recording and reporting skills, in class and at home
  • Use active rather than passive learning by having interactive activities in which students apply a specific observing or recording skill to pre-selected video clips
  • Create a resource that would allow teachers to explore other issues in addition to child development, such as relationships between children and adults, the importance of effective communication skills, and the impact of the physical environment on children and adults
  • Provide students with material that demonstrates the regulations in effect in Quebec **


* One excellent online resource that explores these principles in depth is the Encyclopedia on Early Childhood Development, produced by the Centre of Excellence for Early Childhood Development. It can be found here
** The pertinent regulations can be found here
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