This part of the website is primarily offered as a support to teachers and students who are exploring competency 0191: To observe children’s behaviour.

The quizzes contained in the Exercises section can be useful to anyone interested in honing their skills when it comes to observing and recording information about the development of young children, and infants and toddlers in particular.

It is our hope that teachers and students in a variety of courses centred on young children and their development will find creative ways of integrating the quizzes into an ongoing course of study.

What will I find in the exercises section?

Users accessing this part of the website will find a series of interactive, self-correcting quizzes which cover the following topics:

  • Developmental domains
  • Objectivity
  • Methods
  • Anecdotes and running records
  • Descriptive language
  • Checklists and rating scales
  • Analyzing observations

How do I use the exercises section?

Although the quizzes are presented in a specific order, teachers and students can use them in whichever order they prefer. Each quiz offers the possibility of immediate feedback and users can track their progress and understanding of the material through various interactive features. Many of the quizzes are linked to short video clips, which provides teachers and students with an engaging alternative to the more staid model users often encounter.

Use the left navigation menu to start exploring the various features of the Exercises section.

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